Denim Color Transfer...


Aug 22, 2006
...on Vachetta. I searched but didn't find any posts that address color transfer on a bag that has absolutely no patina yet, it looks still like new.

I have a Mono Stephen that I only used once, and UGH, noticed denim color on some of the vachetta on the lower corner.

I do not want to treat the entire bag to change the patina. Any suggrstions that might take off the denim blue w/o changing the vachetta color? TIA!
Apr 23, 2007
Take a deep breath all will be fine. I got denim transfer on a new condition bosphore pm with not patina on the vachetta. I used non-alcohol, non-fragrance, hypo baby wipes. I gently stroked it in one direction and made sure that I kept moving to a clean portion of the baby wipe. 99.9% of the denim transfer was removed and I waited for it to completely dry (even better, wait until the next day) and I used a clean high-quality white art eraser on the tiny amount that remained and it removed what was left. Now, if I place the eyeball right up to the bag, I can see perhaps a tiny tiny amount of color in the thread of the stitching (not the leather), but really anyone else would not see it, I probably only see it because I know what happened Good Luck!