Denim Coco Cabas

  1. ACT FAST!!! Neiman Marcus in Boca releasing Denim Coco Cabas.. xxxxxxx
  2. enough promos, K?
  3. K.. Just got home from work & had a message fromher! I am new & addicted to this site and just wanted to share.. Sorry..:sad:
  4. bagsnobb, is she selling to wait list customers only? i called and she said she doesnt have any at all....
  5. Oh no! I am sorry to hear that! I walked in the door from work & I had a message from her! I am crazy about this website & thought I'd share because so many people are hot for that bag. Maybe they were snatched up before you called. It was my understanding that it was a free for all... Trust me, if it's available, she can get it! Good Luck!!!;)
  6. she was really nice.....she said she'd let me know if she gets anymore in. thanks for the heads up though.....:smile: