denim coco cabas!!!

  1. hiiiiii
    is everyone excited that this bag is available soon??
    was wondering if anybody has a pic???
  2. Do a search also...i think i also saw one on eBay last night!
  3. i couldnt find any on eBay...=(
    is anybody as excited as i am??
    i wonder if it is going to be as in demand as the vinyl one.
  4. the bag is part of act 2 so it hasn't reached the stores yet. i am on 2 lists to get it. if you are looking to get on a list...give bloomingdales on 59th a call. they ordered 36 pieces.
  5. Yup, the denim cabas is not out yet. I suggest you get on a few waitlists now if you want one.
  6. when does it come out???????????:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: love it!!