denim Coco Cabas,white luxury ligne to get or not to get?

  1. I just got a call from my SA at Chanel and she said she has a denim Coco Cabas for me.
    I was theer yesterday and wanted it but she didnt have any so started looking at other bags.
    She also has a huuuge white leather bag from the luxury ligne which she got it and kept for me.
    I have never seen the style.

    would anyone know how much the denim cabas is as well as the white luxury ligne? i know its difficult without a photo but im hoping someone knows which one im talking about?

    thanks for opinions, help, feedback:yahoo:
  2. well well...

    seems my post got jumped :sad:
    i went into chanel today and saw the white one and didnt like it. too big, too white, too plastic looking.
    then she showed me the denim.
    great everyday bag, nothing special at ALL. she is keeping it again til tomorrow.

    who here has it who can give me some feedback please?:choochoo:
  3. hi demi--i think one or two girls have the denim cabas. i'd do a search and you'll surely find their threads.
    i know you can see pics of jill's in her thread, but she returned her's.
    if you don't think it's special, i'd wait to get something that is...good luck!:yes: