denim coco cabas large tote?

  1. do they still carry these in stores?
    will they be around for a while?

    i saw one IRL, and i fell in love with it!

    what is the pricing?
  2. I got mine a month ago at NM Short Hills for $1295 plus tax. I think many stores still has it so just call around and I'm sure you can find one.

    Good luck.
  3. Saks 5th ave in NYC has a few. so does bloomies 59th street. It's still $1295+ tax if applicable. It's for spring/summer 2007.
  4. Charlotte NM had one last weekend. I am going tomorrow and will see if it's still there.
  5. My friend bought one last week at Chanel 57th Street. They are gorgeous!!! Hope you find it :smile:
  6. NM in Houston had them last week. I haven't been in this week. I think they are still around. Cute bag. Good luck.
  7. ^wow! those prices are nowhere near what i expected :smile:
    i should really consider getting one, but the problem is that i just got a bag.........will they be around for much longer?
  8. NM San Antonio has them, $1295. They're going quick! It's a gorgeous piece and great price.
  9. ^oh no im on a major bag bannnnn!
  10. I know how you feel, some bags are just like that you ahve to get them when you see them or you can never find them again
  11. I just saw them at the Chanel boutique in SF today in both sizes. I also saw one at NM in SF and NM in Palo Alto last week.
  12. My SA has one at Saks. PM me if you want info! =)
  13. Charlotte NM still had it yesterday.
  14. ^i dont think i can get any of there :'( im still on a ban
  15. JUST got one of these pre-loved and am SO excited can't wait to get it! :smile: