Denim Carly

  1. My SA told me its available for ordering :yahoo:
  2. who's gonna get it? any takers?
  3. DANG.

    I may have to check this out ... Do you know what size is available? I haven't seen the denim yet.

  4. med, large, pouch and demi
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the denim Carly? Is is signature? Just wondering.
  6. Kallison posted these in another thread:


  7. as seen in the pic, there is a wristlet available but there also will me a multi function wallet and a slim wallet like the legacy one w/ the turnlock.
  8. Denim is available in carly light and dark denim...and in shoulder legacy same as it is in canvas but blue and light blue for 398.00 same...
  9. :wtf: OMG!!!

    I definitely want one of those! SHEEEESH If I had a doghouse I would so be in it.
  10. im torn between the medium and large anyone have a pic of them wearing the medium carly :O)
    and in the denim is there 2 shades of blue I just see the one thanks......:O)
  11. OMG, how cute is this?
  12. Too many things to choose from. I was going to order the chocolate Carly in medium...then I couldn't decide between the chocolate and the denim or the jade.:shrugs: So I'm waiting for the SA to call me when they come in. I'll have my cash ready and buy one right then before they sell out!!!
  13. I want the medium denim like the one from the ^^^picture
  14. So the denim Carly is $398 too (just like the leather one)? I was almost ready to break my ban. LOL
  15. Why, why, WHY did I come over here and see that Denim Carly?!!!! I had been staying away after I sold my beloved Chambray Carly. The Denim is SO SO nice with the saddle straps....I want it!