Denim Carly Wristlet - Must be Hot

  1. I was just at KofP getting the denim Carly Wristlet & Wallet to match the Carly I got at Nordies Special Event. Anyway, I got the last denim Carly Wristlet that they had in the store at the moment (no display model was out either).

    So, not sure if they are getting more, and I am sure they could still be ordered. Just a heads-up in case they do run out...
  2. You're so right! I purchased a denim Carly wristlet last week and I had to call a few Coach boutiques before I found one in stock. I figured if I couldn't find one in a Coach store I would check out the department stores. I just love the denim!:tender:
  3. OK, just checked on-line & it is NOT listed right now so it must Really Be Low.

    Wonder if they are making more?
  4. OT, but LIblue, your signature makes me laugh every time I read it. Then the "Odd Couple" music starts playing in my head :p

  5. Exactly! And I can see Felix stabbing at the cigar Oscar threw on the ground with his umbrella tip! :lol:
  6. This girl that goes to school with me works at the KOP store and she says that they really don't have a lot at that boutique. I remember when I called to order my Carly, they had to call another store because they didn't have it. I also went for a few charms one time and they didn't have any of them either.

    On the plus side, the SA's are very friendly to me every time I go in. They always go out of their way to make sure I find what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to go either next week or the week after to try on some Ergos. Not buy, just try on. I REALLY need to start working more so I can afford my high maintenance life. I have champagne taste but NO money to support it! Hahaha!
  7. Does she work at the Court or the Plaza? The Court Store is tiny.
  8. She works at the one near Louis Vuitton
  9. I, too, have champagne taste and a beer budget.

    Our store still has several of the denim wristlet. It's not a popular style here in NWA but we sell about 7-to-1 signature bags over leather or non-signature and we haven't been selling the Carly Denim style, everyone wants chocolate or khaki/saddle.
  10. OK, that's the larger of the 2 stores.
  11. yeah, it must be hot if it's out already. good thing you got one. now i'm eager to see what it looks like. i'll be on the coach website shortly
  12. I'm a bit of a newbie....what happens when they are out? Are they just gone? Do the bags/wristlets, whatever the item, become a coveted item at that point? Until I came here an got ADDICTED, I never really thought about my bags appreciating.....does that happen?
  13. Usually if they don't have it in the store, they call around to another store that usually does have it. And then if the stores don't have it, they call the 800 number and usually from there they can get it for you. Unless of course it's all out there...then to the outlets or eBay you go!!

    ...or just pray dearly for a return.
  14. how's this one doing? haven't seen it in person, but I think me want...

  15. It is back on Coach's website now (Denim Carly Wristlet).