Denim/Camel Legacy Shoulder Bag

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  1. Does anybody own this lovely lady?

  2. I ordered that when it first was available but brought it back. It is striking, but I decided I wouldn't use it.
  3. No but I think it's cute!
  4. I really like it, but I also wonder if I would use it. I am wondering if as the leather wears it might look more rundown than an all leather bag because of the denim? I don't know. Hmm.
  5. I think as the leather patinas it would look richer with the denim. You could also treat the vachetta with Shining Monkey before you use it, so it will slow down the process. But if you will use it, get it. You won't see too many people wearing that one.

    The only reason I didn't think I'd wear it is because it's a little smaller than what I have been using. Plus, the strap is too short (for me)and is not adjustable. But I totally LOVE the chain and style.
  6. I saw one on ebay, but I just called and JAX and there is still one in actual stock as well. If I can use the PCE on it, the one from JAX would work out to be cheaper (and brand spanking new) than the one on ebay. :smile:

    I liked it because as you said Admat97, you don't see a lot of people carrying it. In fact I have never seen it.
  7. I'm sure you will be able to order it with PCE. Then you would be guaranteed to be able to return it if you decide you don't want it.:yes:

    Keep us posted!
  8. Thanks...I will post here if I end up getting her.

    Oh dear. There is a matching wallet. Now I am in trouble. (pic borrowed):

  9. I like that bag because its unique. I agree with Admat, I wish the drop length was a little longer. Its an armpit bag. Let us know what you decide!!:tup: