Denim Cabby MM VS. Trevi PM


Which one?

  1. Denim Cabby MM

  2. Trevi PM

  3. Neither...eww!

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  1. which one do you prefer and why? :nuts:
  2. Denim cabby.....well, I have it, so I'm biased. I just think the black denim is so different. I get lots of compliments!
  3. I tried them both on side-by-side and I preferred the cabby. I liked how it was less structured, it's soft and cuddly!
  4. Both are really gorgeous bags... but I'm more of a Trevi fan at the moment.
  5. I had the cabby GM ... loved the style and versatility ... but got turned off by the light grayish look ... I thought it would be more black ... so I exchanged for the trevi and I am loving it:love: ... almost the same style, and will last me longer. I wouldn't worry about setting it down ... less maintenance.
  6. I love the Cabby just a tad bit more than the Trevi, even though the Trevi is hot as well. I like how the Cabby is a little less structured.
  7. damier looks classy i like it..
  8. Oh god, I have both! If you are the damier princess well you know your answer. lol . The cabby is very hot, one thing I dont like is when you put anything heavy in it, it loses its shape, looks squarish and loses the look. I mean I only put a wallet a mini pochette and my make up bag and it got distorted, I have the gm. Trevi retains it's shape, it is a strucured bag. I love my neo cabby with just my wallet in it lol so it keeps the looks.
  9. I think I like the Trevi more because it seems more classy.
  10. I voted for Trevi. Like I posted in another similar thread, I feel as though damier is more timeless than denim. The denim will look 'dated' in a few years where the damier....well, what else can I say, I just love damier!!! :smile:
  11. I like the denim cabby more! The trevi is cute, but it is a little too structured of a shape for me!
  12. i love both, but if i could have one, i'd go trevi.
  13. they're both gorgeous! so get both, lol. but i'd go with the the trevi for the reason that it's more wearable, it can go well with any outfit imo :smile:
  14. I think the black denim is very nice and versatile.
  15. I'm biased but I love the Trevi. I actually love both bags but I think the Trevi will stand the test of time. It will still look great in 10 years.