Denim Cabby Help!!!

  1. So The cabby is supposably to be released on the 14th of JULY here in the USA..It STILL HAS NOT hit the stores yet..SO Im awfully worried it will NOT b released this SAT(2 DAYS AWAY!sniff@!)
    Since it hasnt even entered the USA!!!!
    please...if any of u hears of what is goin on..Please LMK!!!Im dying to get it and if anyone gets any news..please post it here or PM me!!Thanks a bunch..u all rock!
  2. I've heard the same from my SA''s not here yet. This sucks!!!!!!! I so wanted it this weekend. My one SA said that the release date might be pushed back because they do this all the time. I wanted to cry when she told me this!
  3. Aw man...I"m so sorry gals! Maybe by some miracle it'll show up today or tomorrow! Do you know if it's in the computer yet? That is always a good sign!
    Also....866 can tell you if it is on order anywhere in the US!
  4. it is in the system for the stores in hawaii. i called yesterday but my SA wasn't in. the guy i spoke to said they haven't gotten word yet. but i will call today to speak to my SA and see if she has any scoops.

    Jill, i'm just as excited if not more about this bag!!!! :smile:
  5. Thanks Caley!!!!! I want this bag so bad, too!!!!!! What are you waitlisted or blue? I know Jill's waitlisted for both colors. I want black!
  6. they are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY CANT release till the 14th though.ill be picking them up right when the store opens..I got both black and blu!LOL!
    My SA says the BLACK IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I went and saw the denim cabby in both black and blue during my lunch hour (hehe.. galleria is like 5 minutes from where I work). I love both, but I like the black more. IMO the black is more unique than the blue. My SA said that I can see them but I cannot buy until Saturday. Can't wait!!
  8. I want a call!!!!!!! I'm waitlisted for black. I've got to call my SA tomorrow.
  9. Just one question, did the price go up or is it $1390 for the MM?
  10. Here's a picture of the bags. I *think* it has been posted before but I am not sure. Please disregard them if you have seen them already.

  11. wow the GM looks gigantic.

    Jill and girlsgottoshop: called SA today and she says the cabby is still on for the 14th. so i'm assuming their shipment is at the hawaii distribution center. she could not tell me where i am on the list though :sad: i'm waitlisted for the mm black. so excited!!!
  12. I don't like it anymore, but I'm still in love with the XL!
  13. I am at the top of the list for one of SA told me sometime next week...
    how exciting. I am getting the black.