Denim Cabas Raye -Yah or Nah !!!

  1. Here are a couple of pics of the Denim Cabas Raye from the upcoming Cruise Line .I got these shots today though the bag isn't available for sale yet.
    I just don't know if I can justify over 2Gs for this but it's calling my name :hysteric: .


  2. OMGosh I love it!!

    How much ?
  3. Too trendy for me. . .
  4. :love: :flowers:
  5. Nah
  6. Wow, the dangly bits are killer - love em ! But the bag.. not so much.
  7. BF,This bag is $2,040 :sweatdrop: :s :hysteric: .
  8. That's ENORMOUS!
  9. Ugly
  10. Still love the bag :biggrin: :yes:
  11. hmm not for me..
  12. It's a little too GINORMOUS for me....but I know it comes in a smaller size and that might be the better choice!! JMO :smile:
  13. What about the smaller one???
  14. Well, I think it is beautiful, but too big for me. I saw them IRL yesterday, and I do have a Port Epaule MM coming my way on the 15th. :yahoo:
    Did you look at that one?
  15. ^ Me, too!!