Denim Cabas..L vs. XL?

  1. Does anyone have the XL? which do yall prefer? I am waitlisted for the L, but am curious about the XL.....any size comparisons? TIA:smile: OH,...WHO HERE has gotten their denim cabas?
  2. I like the L better.
  3. i haven't seen them in person, but from the measurements i've seen online, i think the XL would be a little too big for everyday use. if you're looking for a cool carry-on or weekender type bag, then maybe...
    i personally love big bags, and i do think the original size is plenty big.
  4. oh..okay I love big bags too, so I was just making sure...that the XL isnt more my style:smile: I think the L will work!thanks
  5. LOOK up my thread..I just got the LARGE..ITS HUGE!!!!
    TOO big for me.....I got rid of it instantly..I cant handle a bag bigger than the baby cabas...LOL..That size is perfect for me
  6. I have the L size one and it's perfect for me...and i'm not a small person!:rolleyes:
    I already promised to take some modeling pics but i never remember to do it...:push: :sweatdrop:
  7. I like the L better because XL is too big for me (i think)
  8. The large is really big, so the XL may be too big.
  9. does anyone know the measurements to the large and extra large?
  10. i have no idea actually, but i like big bags and i found my L vinyl cabas big enough for me :p
  11. Ill measure the large for ya
  12. I think I'm getting the XL denim cabas tomorrow. My SA maybe confused about getting me a XL instead of large one. :confused1:

    Anyway, I think XL is too large for me (i'm about 5'7), and I might end up return it. I'll see tomorrow. :sad:

    I would post pix if you guys need to see.