Denim Cabas In Stock

  1. Hello! I just wanted to let you guys know that I just called the Tyson's Galleria Chanel store to get on the black baby cabas waitlist (they are receiving them in july) and they said that they have the denim cabas in store now. Hope this helps anyone still interested in getting one :yahoo:
  2. Saks beverly hills and NM beverly hills also had them as of last weekend.
  3. I thought these were waitlisted and supposedly really hard to get?...I've been seeing them in stores..Saks, NM, Chanel,,, on the shelves?:confused1:
  4. the ppl on the waitlists prob changed their minds...
  5. I was surprised too!! I was actually hoping they would be getting the baby cabas in earlier than mother is in paris right now and they were totally sold out there too :crybaby:
  6. I think its nice that they're available but when I did seem them ...the ones in the display (the large and xlarge) were the only ones left from the shipment
  7. I saw them at Hirschleifer's in Manhasset, NY yesterday....
  8. there's only two sizes right?
    the large and x-large....the large is the smallest available...
  9. I saw 2 denim cabas today, one at the chanel on 57th and another at Saks.
  10. I saw a denim cabas today @ Nordstrom -Woodland Hills, CA.