Denim birkin??

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  1. Hi....ladies, just would like to ask, what do you all ladies think about denim birkin?? Does anyone of you know how does a denim birkin looks like?? I mean does it have pockets just like jeans?? Just curious........:amuse:

    I know there's a local actress here by the name, Zoe Tay owning one.
  2. I just know the denim barenia shoulder bag, it's black denim with brown leather details, and it's quite cute, even if not my fave:smile: I've never known about a whole denim hermes bag, sorry:sad:(
  3. Tryuly speaking, denim birkin is not really a good purchase. When it gets dirty, how do you clean it?? Send for refurbishment?? I also think denim bags won't really last especially a denim birkin. It's also not suitable with the weather conditions here.
  4. THE kate moss used to carry a tan leather/blue denim birkin. it looked absolutely fabulous!

  5. Its cute, but wouldnt be my first, second, or third choice for a birkin.
  6. Me, neither. I'm not a denim bag kinda gal. I'd rather have a toile/leather combo!
  7. It would be too matchy matchy with jeans- less leather though, so maybe it's cheaper! (Sure)
  8. The Blue leather Birkins look so much lovelier than that and would probably look smashing with jeans. Besides it seems DenimJean colors that are 'in' constantly change.
  9. If it was a gift, sure. but i can not get myself to buy anything denim, let alone a birkin. denim is just too casual for me.
  10. Dark denim like the one used for GP(recent issue w/ orange contrast stitching) won't show dirt BUT will show dust(grey) - quite the reverse! Can use the hhbrushes and brush it to keep this denim looking fresh, but i wouldnt suggest using any kind of water/cleaning agent on this denim w/o risking the fade factor. Must use distilled water if need to use water.
  11. A thread over 6 years old????
  12. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thought this query was a bit newbie for our dear IFFAH
    :roflmfao::roflmfao: Feels like April Fool's Day just now :roflmfao::roflmfao:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.