denim bar?

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  1. Anyone been to the denim bar in san francisco? You can make your jeans! Pick your jeans, your wash, size etc etc....Its like a build a bear, but for denim haha. they carry premium designer denim aswell.
  2. That sounds so cool!! I would love to do that sometime, but have never been (or really heard of it :shame:smile:
  3. Levis stores do a similar thing, so you can custom make your own denim.

    also blue jeans bar is a hip little place in SF where the sales girls are dressed like bartenders and you place orders for jeans. They also carry premium denim. there website is The Blues Jean Bar
  4. i went in there, i didn't kno they u custom make ur own jeans. all i know is that the jeans is set on teh bar table and u pick it, the sa will just put it in the fitting room for u