DENIM bags ...trendy yet affordable!!

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
I almost went crazy and bought the Chanel denim tote ...way too much money for denim...( I bought the lux line leather instead.!) I found this denim tote by Prada on affordable..and I wont feel bad if it becomes too trendy later on!!!What do you think?(489.00!!)
I don't like denim bags... They just have such a potential for being damaged and weird looking like denim jeans can. Also, I don't think they age gracefully, which is never something I look for in a bag. :smile:
pursegalsf said:
I have a denim mini pleaty and I don't like it very much.

awww, you dont like your bag anymore? I always felt that the denim LV was a little more trendy than the cherry Lv, both are trendy, but the denim strays more from the original design, IMO.
I have the LV Denim Baggy GM. I also purchased the longer strap so that I can wear it as a messenger for a more casual look. I know some of you are biased toward denim bags and thinking they're trendy, but if you love to buy premium denim jeans like I do, this bag goes w/ "almost" any wash and it looks really cute. It all depends on how you put your clothing together and tie it together with your handbag. Not all denim bags are great. But I love the LV denim line. :P
Dior also has the flight denim line. I remember seeing a flight bag for $450 CAD which is reasonably priced. However, the Dior logos are printed on top of the bag versus the LV denim line which is stitched into the denim. I have the mini pleaty and find the denim is a nice change from traditional materials.
katg519 said:
Pursegalsf: What don't you like about the denim mini pleaty? I was thinking of getting one, but I'd like to hear what other people have to say about it.

I got it as a gift and I never really liked it in the beginning. I'm just not a big fan of denim bags that's all. If you want mine I'll sell it to you for $500!!! :lol:
imho denim is for pants not bags. :smile: i don't like wearing more than one denim piece at a time...too 80s for me...since i live in jeans that precludes denim bags. :smile:
ok. i take it back. denim can be for pants and shoes...and if ok for shoes, ok for bags (on someone else.) :smile:

i just saw the LV denim mules on elux and they are so freaking cute. yet another thing that makes me wish i was an heiress... :smile: