Denim bags...tacky?

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  1. Hey ladies, just wondering what you think about denim bags. Every other season or so.... denim bags come back in style again, but are only seen for a month or so, (my opinion) I never really liked bags that you can't use more than a couple years, especially for the price of Chanel bags. I've never liked patent either. But I'm really looking at the denim cabas and liking it, but I don't know how long I'll use it. I had the cavier leather cabas, but It didn't really do anything for me, should I give the cabas another try?

    I wear a lot of denim , all different shades. Dont you think a denim bag would be too much?

  2. I don't think it is tacky. If you get tired of it, you can always sell it. I think since this bag is on the casual side, denim pants would compliment the bag (just as long as your not wearing denim head to toe).
  3. some denim bags are tacky, some aren't. Just like there's some fugly leather bags. . .
    I think denim bags look best w/ neutrals, like khakis or black, etc. . . .
  4. I personally think denim backs are kind of tacky... or at the very least, ugly. I am not a fan but as with anything else, it's a preference.
  5. I am going through the same thing with this about the DENIM CABAS- I want this so bad now.. I had it, passed on it and now i am back to it...
    Lets just both get it !!! and deal with it later and like Michelle said WE CAN ALWAYS SELL IT
  6. I like denim bags, esp some Chanel ones, problem is because I am always in jeans I don't think it would suit me and would look a bit tacky.
  7. I agree - you don't have to look too hard to find tacky anything. I have a Dior denim from the 90s that I got a lot of use from and loved - but now I don't care for it and it is off to consignment, as such my tastes have changed and I would never invest in a denim bag again.
  8. Before discovering a love for Chanel I got a blue denim pleaty from LV, I still love it.

    So when the denim Cabas came out I hesitated because I already had a denim bag. I got because its so versitile as a casual bag, with funky casual clothes or smarter casuals.
  9. P.S. As long as you don't wear denim head to toe I think it will be OK.
  10. its not necessarily tacky, but it might not be a classic staple in your wardrobe neither...if you wear alot of denim to begin with, perhaps a denim purse would be too much.
  11. when its about denim I only think its tacky when people wear a jacket, jeans, shoes, and a bag all denim and in different shades... thats what I call tacky
    other than that its ok.
  12. I'm not a fan. And I know everyone will disagree, but I think the cabas will look dated in a couple of years.
  13. I prefer the leather.
  14. I don't disagree!! And I think that a couple of years might even be generous.

    But on the denim question, I do not like denim bags. And I am trying to picture a denim bag being worn with jeans and that just seems like denim overload to me.
  15. I don't like denim bags, especially designer ones - way too much $$$ for cotton. A denim bag with jeans also looks off to me.