denim bags??? Denim Baggy?

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  1. My friend is desperate to buy a denim bag and asked me to copy things from eBay for her to check out because she is not sure if she wants to buy new. I am not sure how to link the auction to get it to come up, sorry.
    So I came across this one auction #230101594094 a denim baggy, which I would like to ask a question about for those who own the bag. In the second picture on the left that shows the side of the bag the way the seam is stitched with the logos seems really off to me. For those who own this bag, is that what it is supposed to look like? The reason I ask is her sister has a fake denim baggy in pink and to me it was a really good looking bag and I never thought it was fake until I saw the side of the bag and it was way off. Her sister is proud to say it is a fake---and I guess they do make some good fakes out there. I am in no way saying the bag for sale on eBay is fake. I just expected LV to have a better line up with the seams like the regular mono bags have. What we want to know is this the normal way all the denim baggy bags look on the side seams?
    Thank you for any help you can give us.

    Also check out auction #110103003773 for the denim patchwork pouchy bag that is in detail. I don't quite know what to think of it, but wonder what the retail price is, because the auction seems way high for this to me.
  2. I think this should be posted in the authentication thread.
  3. I am not asking for authentication on this bag in any way, but want to know if the side seams on this style of bag look like this for those who own the bag???? I think this bag on auction has a bit more wear to it then my friend would want but it gave excellent pictures of the bag from all sides and we want to know what the side of the bag looks like for those who own it. Eluxury does not give side pictures.
  4. Denim bags vary a lot in terms of monogram placement b/c of the nature of the denim fabric itself.

    The monogram on my Baggy PM does not line up on both sides.

    Please post any auctions in the Authenticate This LV thread and we will help you as much as we can.
  5. 230101594094 yes its authentic so therefore that is the way the bag should be.

    110103003773 the patch work is just not my style and i think looks awful. But is authentic.
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