Denim Baggy Strap length survey

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  1. I'm curious about how Denim Baggy (both PM and GM) owners wear their bags/straps.

    Do you (or have you seen others) wear:
    • a. The original strap on the first (shortest length) hole?
    • b. The original strap on the middle (medium length) hole?
    • c. The original strap on the last (longest length) hole?
    • d. Optional longer strap on the first (shortest) hole?
    • e. Optional longer strap on the middle (medium length) hole?
    • f. Optional longer strap on the last (longest length) hole?
    Also, if you have the optional longer strap, do you you use it as a cross-body messenger bag or primarily as a shoulder bag?

    Lastly, can anyone please tell me how to post a poll??? I wanted to do one of those cool polls where you vote but I couldn't figure it out!!! D'Oh! :push:

    Thanks for your input!!! :tender:
  2. this is how i wewar mine ..
    The original strap on the last (longest length) hole?
  3. When I use either strap, I put it in the second hole.

    I use the long strap when I wear it messenger style, the short strap when I wear it shoulder style.


    I'm 5'7" by the way.
  4. Krispin,

    Where did you find the long strap? I'm going to buy a baggy PM and like the idea to wear across the shoulder. Thank you!
  5. I have my GM all set to go on the original strap's last holes (longest length) too but I haven't used it yet. (I've been too busy oohing and aahing and just looking at it!)

    I think it is a perfect length as a shoulder bag, but I'm trying to decide if need the optional longer strap because if I do get one, I want to get it now so the vachetta (yes, my favorite issue) will be even when I do use it! :nuts:

    If I get it, I would probably use the first holes (shortest length) on the optional strap because I'm 5'4".
  6. Thanks for the pics! I love the PM but it is just way too small for all my stuff but OMG look at it as a messenger bag! So cute! Is your denim a darker blue or is it just the pic? I like the shade! Are there different shades of the denim blue? Or maybe they just vary since they are "stonewashed"!

    Now, I know I'm a BIG bag person which is why I got the GM, but now I think I wouldn't want to use my GM as a messenger bag because it is rather big and would probably hang to my knees, LOL!! ;)

    Oh no -- I might need to get a PM now!!! :push:
  7. I got the strap at the boutique. It's listed in the big catalog.

    As for the color, it's a nice shade of blue, medium blue I guess? This picture was taken in the evening so you have the combination of natural light from our skylight above and light-bulb light. Hope that makes sense.

    I do like the GM too...but I can actually fit quite a bit in here. And I don't always have to carry all that stuff. LOL.
  8. I think this Baggy PM looks good on you. Thank you very much for your info. about the strap. ;)
  9. I wear mine on the middle hole. I'm always so obsessed about making everything look even! haah
  10. lvmhgirl... I ordered the strap this morning from elux! My V-day gift to myself. :heart: (Oh yeah, and I also ordered the Nomade Koala, heehee...)

    I don't plan on wearing the Lichen Baggy GM until Spring, which around here doesn't happen until mid-to-late April, so I may not have a good answer for you for awhile. But, I'll keep checking in to see what info you gather.:yes:
  11. I wear my green baggy GM on the middle hook. I don't have the longer strap -- love it on others but I am chesty and don't like the across the body look on me.

    Good luck! These are great bags - I really want the denim blue PM now!!
  12. :yahoo: OMG!! Congrats!!! Bag triplets and bracelet twins!!! Woo hooo!!! :heart:
  13. I wear my baggy pm with the normal strap on the last hole and with the longer one I wear it messanger style on the second hole. I love both ways but the longer strap is so comfy when you need your hands free and it's my perfect holiday bag.
  14. I wore my bag (all 1 time) with the original strap on the middle hole. And it was comfy and I liked it there. Still contemplating the long strap....:confused1:
  15. Yup. Me too. Love the perfect shoulder bag length, but I really like to have options for travel or shopping and when you want your hands completely free, y'know? And, with all the stuff I carry, it's probably better for my back to have the cross-body messenger style to distribute the weight of the bag! I always hunch up my shoulder (the one holding the bag), and I know that isn't good!!! :rolleyes: