Denim Baggy PM...

  1. Yay or Nay?

    So what are your thoughts on the Denim line in general. I like that they are more casual and "squishy." My Mom says she'll treat me to a shoulder bag, and I thought I had wanted the Hudson GM, but even though it's GORGEOUS, I feel it's a bit too structured for me. Other than the Perfo Pochette I just got, my other bag is the Mono Speedy 30 (which I LOVE!) (I'm still an LV newbie. :graucho:)

    And I had planned on getting the optional strap too so I can wear it messenger style.

    Off to go look at the Visual Aids while I await the expertise of the Purse Forum!

    And I am sure tomorrow, I will post pics as well!
  2. Yaaaaaay!
  3. Yay! I prefer it in fuchsia!
  4. I love my blue baggy pm--it's my favorite bag (next to the perfo speedy :yes:), and is ultra useful.

    What's great about the baggy pm is that it doesn't scream LOUIS VUITTON, but it is. Out of all my bags, this is the one that gets the most compliments.
  5. ^^^Oooh Snorks...very cool!! (And yay for Perfo!)
  6. Love it!!
  7. Overpriced but cute!
  8. love it!
  9. Have it and love it!
  10. i have a gm, and love it!!!!
  11. totally agree! i especially love the denim line in fuchsia, but i can't justify spending that much on them.

    the baggy pm is a great choice, btw.
  12. I love it!
  13. That's why I bought mine used, from Let-Trade:yes:

    I couldn't justify spending $1100 on a denim bag.
  14. OMG love it. I actually think the olive green colour will go with everything more so than the other two. Get it!
  15. I would have bought a Fuchsia one if I could afford it, I think it's sooo cute :girlsigh: (I bought the Mini Pleaty instead.)