Denim Baggy Pm vs GM

  1. Okay, so I am obsessed with denim right now and have decided to have my DH's cc buy me a Baggy. I originally liked the PM but after looking at the Denim Club thread I've kind of fallen for the GM...and the price isn't much different!

    I've never spent this much on a bag so I am a little nervous. Can anyone give me some heads up about the PM and GM? Pros/cons to both?

    Right now the biggest bag I own is my BH and I've been using it almost evenry single day since I have a 1 year old and all her little things fit in it.

    Thanks in advance...and Kinkylala, if you're out there take notes so we can go buy our denims together! LOL
  2. I like the GM better. I agree that it's not much of a price difference for so much more bag, LOL.
  3. I have two PM's. I just think the GM looks weird with the zipper and the pockets so far away!?! Just my opinion
  4. [​IMG]

    For picture reference. The space between them...

  5. Just looked at the pick on elux and I see what you is a big gap...kinda like it is "long waisted." LOL
  6. LOL Yeah. And the PM is actually a really good size as well. I fit quite a bit in mine!
  7. PM!!!! i can't wait till I get to buy this bag...not for awhile..but I hope you get one soon! Fuschia and lichen are discontinued btw.
  8. i like the gm... and you got a little one? has more room for his stuff
  9. Does it wear okay? I am a terror with my bags. I pretty much only own mono and damier and my azur mini pochette hasn't seen the light of day because it is so light in color.
  10. I like the gm.
  11. Well, I have to get the denim first then I'll think about the fuschia! LOL :smile:
  12. i agree w/ Syntagma... i also like the look of the pm better. but i don't own either, and it's really not that much more to get the gm, which it looks a lot bigger. i suggest trying them both on at the boutique, and see which one you like better.
  13. OT: ^^hi crystal! busy with your move? haven't seen you around much...

    rileygirl--i love both, own neither. no help, but i do like the slouch factor of the GM...something about it, i like that it is "long waisted" so to speak ...:p
    do you need ot carry tons with you that you need the larger size? if not, those that have the PM never seem to complain it is to small.....
  14. I own the PM... it doesnt hold as much as I would like it to, but I LOVE it's shape!