Denim Baggy Pm owners

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  1. i want to ask [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]did we get tags and carebooklet for the denim baggy pm? thanks
  2. yup
  3. yep you do.
  4. Yep, it came with mine.
  5. Yea
  6. Yes but I bought it at LV boutique
  7. didn't you guys find the baggy pm to be a bit too much money for such a small bag?! I dunno..I'd like something from the denim line but it's the one line that I have such a hard time letting go of so much money for cloth!??! I guys have the bag, what do you think!?
  8. baggy pm holds a lot, i can fit everything from a speedy 25 in there and more. I guess if you're used to carrying a speedy 35 yeah its small and should be into the baggy GM

  9. i tried the baggy pm at the store and I really liked it, but i think the PM is cute.. I dunno...Maybe I'll just think about it..if I were to buy it would be for a VERY SPECIAL occasion or's a lot of $$! haha..I'm just sticker shocked which hardly ever happens!

    Thanks Bat Fetish! appreciate your input! :smile:
  10. I don't think it's small. It's the perfect size bag for me! I consider anything larger to be pretty heavy.
  11. came with my denim piece. but i have mini pleaty..
  12. thanks for the info. i bought mine yesterday from the Lv boutique in Canada but they didnt give me tags and booklet. SHould i ask them again? because i plan to exchange for a new bag ( i found scraps on all the gold brass)

  13. EEEK~ Yeah, I would get tags and booklet, they should at least come with tags..I'm sure all bags come w/ tags.

    did you go to the one on Bloor?!?!

    btw, do you mind me asking the price you paid?!
  14. yes i get it on Bloor, i pay $1482.00 (included tax) :sad: i pay that amount but get a bag that look ......., i found lines on all the gold part
  15. THAT STINKS! are you going to get it exchanged?! you should get it exchanged for a perfect one!! for that amount that bag should be spotless!!!

    I think if I ever get one, it will be gently used...can't pay $1400 for a denim bag..I'd rather buy epi soufflot or HL.