Denim Baggy PM or new Matisse PM??


Denim Baggy PM or Matisse PM?

  1. Denim Baggy PM

  2. Matisse PM

  3. Neither, suggestion below!

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  1. So, I want a soft bag that I can use as a fun, lightweight summer tote and I had my heart set on the Denim Baggy PM. Now that I see the Matisse coming out, I dont know what to do!! Price would be around the same, as Id get the Baggy used and would spend about $850-900, so less than a $100 difference..what do you guys think?? BTW, heres a pic of the Matisse for those who havent seen it :[​IMG]

  2. I vote for the new Matisse. It's more unusual and so lovely for summer!
  3. This is adorable !! But it just doesn't seem to hold the same *value* to me as the denim baggy.. I'd pick the baggy !
  4. Will pick the Matisse as I dont really like the baggy in blue (unless you get other colors)
  5. i agree with ayla:yes: another vote for the Baggy PM:tup:
    here's a pic. of mine. GL deciding!
  6. I have the blue baggy pm and I LOVE it!
  7. Matisse PM
  8. ^^ Tempting me with your Denim Baggy pics!! :p!
  9. Matisse! It's more unique! Is it LE?
  10. I'd go for the baggy....I love the denim!!!
  11. The Matisse certainly is different and fresh ... however I prefer the Denim Baggy as it seems more timeless and the pockets outside are a huge plus for me, not to mention the longer strap so you can carry it cross-body!
  12. my vote goes to the baggy.
  13. which one have you been wanting more lately? go with the one that you've been wanting the most...but i say the matisse!
  14. The Matisse is gorgeous.. but would it be trendy and fall off the fashion wagon come autumn? Just a thought.
  15. Buy the Matisse! It's something fresh and new...
    Regina :tup: