Denim Baggy PM or GM?

  1. Just when I thought my mind was completely made up about this bag and I knew I wanted a PM...I am now thinking I may need the GM instead. I am a "large" bag girl but I like the look of the PM better. However, after seeing the GM on someone, it looked pretty cute when it was ON.

    If you have pics wearing your GM it would be a huge help!

    What one do you guys prefer?
  2. I love huge bags too but I like the look of the PM on me than the GM when I tried it at the boutique. However, my cousin has the GM and it looks fabulous on her. She's 5"2 and I'm 5"4. I guess some bags just look better on others. :biggrin:
  3. Yeah, I didn't think I liked that big space btwn the zipper and the two lower pockets but than after seeing a pic of someone's it looked so cute afterall!
  4. I have a PM and I prefer it over the GM
  5. I have the blue PM and I love it! The GM would look like a huge messenger bag on me.
  6. i have the GM and i'm really petite, but i :heart: big bags!
  7. I originally bought a PM from elux. When I had all of my stuff in it it was too bulky looking. I sent it back and now I have the GM and love it! I had always thought the GM would be too big but once I tried it on I fell in love.
  8. Personally, I would pick PM but I have seen ladies on here with their GMs and they looked great!
  9. You should go to the store and ask them to show you both. Then ask if you could place the contents of your purse into each bag and see which one works best for you. They let me do this and the GM looked practically empty with my things in it. I just don't have that much that I carry around, so the PM worked out better for me.
  10. I have the pm and love it. It holds all my stuff and then some, I love that my hands are free. Its perfect, I almost wish i would have bought instead of the neo speedy because then i'd have two baggy pm's one in pink and one in blue.
  11. Oh --The GM!! :yes:

    I love mine. I have it in blue and just bought one in fuschia.