Denim Baggy PM on ebay

  1. It's still there!!!!

    No one wants it? :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    I should buy it myself :lol:
  2. She usually has great prices, but I think that is too much to pay for that condition. Especially when you compare it to the price for her Neo Speedy up.

    600-700 and she'd have me easily.
  3. Hmm. That makes me feel bad. I paid 900 for a used Baggy GM. No dirt. Super light patina.

    Was that too much? Did I get screwed?? :worried:
    it retails for $1250 plus tax. After tax in my state it would have been over 1350.

    I thought I got a good deal :cry:

    Someone resond. I'm feeling vulnerable :worried:
  4. feels bag why? if you only paid 900 used thats a good deal this one is only 879$

    No worries you got a deal.
  5. *sigh*


    Here's a pic. Can't wait to get it. Also have a denim speedy arriving tomorrow!!!! :nuts: :nuts:

  6. OMosh you got the gm ... Awesome !!!
    You will have to model it when you get it :biggrin:
  7. If it was only green.. then I would be in trouble. ;)
  8. LOL. I saw a pic of a PF member with their green one. It was what inspired me to buy the baggy
  9. Iluvbags, I think you got the GM for a fair price :smile:

    However, the condition of the PM in this auction is not worth nearly $900 to me =\

  10. Well, since we're talking about it ----

    Let me show you you guys a close up pic the seller took for me of the shoulder straps.
    I really love the light light patina. That's how I determined that it was gently used and worth the price.

    What do you ladies think? :huh:

  11. It's gorgeous but no green!
  12. You ladies and your green. :lol: LOL
  13. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Blue all the way!

    I'm not liking the water spots on the leather strip in front in the auction.
  14. whoops.... sorry about the super-size pics, not sure why that happened.