Denim Baggy PM hold up its shape long?

  1. I am thinking to get a Baggy pm in blue. But I am worried because it is like cotton, in five years, it is going to loose its shape, and color will not be that blue anymore..:sweatdrop: (understand my poor english:push: ?)

    for those who own the baggy pm in blue, did you worry about the same issue before you buy it? and how is your baggy now?:smile:
  2. Denim ( all, I noticed blue and fucshia ) will get faded by sun exposure or dirt place on it unless you take extra care for your denim pieces :smile:
  3. like anything over time will fade(if exposed to the sun)
    i'm sure as the bag ages it will look better. I've had mine about a yr now and love it. Loosing its shape, i its like anything, with weight it looses its shape, but over all its HOT! I think the gm would loose shape more then the pm..
    All in all BUY it, you'll love it!
  4. thanks for the reply!!! but any other opionon?

    It is my birthday present, I am debating among BH, Pomme Bedford and Denim Baggy pm. I like the baggy, but dont know if it is worth the money..
  5. Do you intend to carry it daily? If not, then go for Baggy :smile:

    I like Bedford but the zipper rail hurt my hand when I'll put or take my stuffs from that. I mean the closure isn't wide enough. Perhaps BH and Baggy are better.
  6. i have had my baggy for over a year 1/2 and it still looks new. I take really good care of my bags and don't see why it would not still look great in years to come.
  7. I've been having mine since Decmeber and it's still i perfect condition... and no fading!
  8. Very good to know-now I feel better about getting the mini pleaty!
  9. I've had mine for almost a year and it's been fine :smile: