Denim Baggy PM ... Discontinued?

  1. Will Denim baggy PM being discontinue? Anyone helps me provide the answer ,please.
  2. It already has. What is in stores, elux is all there is.
  3. Oh really... I did not know this.
  4. Yep most denim Bags have been discontinued
    baggy PM & GM
    pleaty & mini pleaty
    sac a dos both sizes
    the little speedy type cles in small goods
  5. label addict's right. but new stuff's coming :smile:
  6. Really? Nooooooooooooooooo :sad:

    I love the Baggy PM!!!! :cry:
  7. really JJ ,new stuff's are coming soon :drool: pls share more info :p
  8. Yes please share! :tup:

    I didn't know they were discontinued, I wanted the mini pleaty (not an expensive bag but never got over the price for a denim bag, so I just put it on my wishlist)
  9. the little speedy type cles in small goods already ?
  10. no i think it was this one but not sure if it's both sizes or only one
    speedy denim.jpg
  11. I hope LV brings out the Neo Speedy in black denim!!! I've been holding out until I see more black denim styles.
  12. If someone in Germnay still wants a baggy in blue-I have seen one in Düsseldorf yesterday!
  13. I've always found it odd that LV would discontinue the Sac a Dos after releasing it less than a year prior.
  14. wow, I didn't know that ... at least they are coming out with new styles. I can't wait to see what they are.
  15. I can't wait to see the new styles. Hopefully there will be new colors as well.