Denim Baggy PM and Neo Cabby MM


Which one you think better?

  1. Denim Baggy PM

  2. Neo Cabby MM in Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I already got a Denim Baggy PM and I think it's a nice bag. Anyway, never used it as often so like brand new. Recently, I saw a Neo Cabby in Black and love it but I want to have just only one denim bag. I plan to sell my Baggy PM to fund for Neo Cabby.

    However, I'm not sure which bag is better. I like them equally. Just don't like the patina on Baggy PM (as I prefer the neo cabby in black).

    My boyfrind said that the Neo Cabby in black is for limited period only so baggy PM is better as it is permanent but he thinks Neo Cabby is hot new style now.

    Normally I hate patina turns darker but I think it looks great on denim line.

    Which one you like better? Honest opinion,pls.

    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  2. If you've hardly ever used your Baggy then def turn it into another bag that you think you'll use more. Bags shouldn't languish in the closet.

    I love my Baggy GM (Pink) but it saw more use in the summer and now the Neo Cabby has been in heavy rotation.
  3. Neo Cabby MM in Black all the way!!!!!:tup:
  4. I vote for the black Neo cabby, it's a great bag and you won't have to worry about the patina..
  5. I voted for the cabby! I love this bag, I would sell the baggy.
  6. I love the neo cabby mostly because of the black handles! I just bought one and it is fab!
  7. definitely get the cabby! one thing I've learned is that bags you just 'like' aren't worth keeping...get what you LOVE and you won't think twice about it!
  8. Woww... It seems to be like eyeryone like Cabby :smile:
  9. i've never really liked the Baggy in the first place, and i have the Cabby, so i'm biased. seriously though, the Cabby is so different from the other bags, especially in the black
  10. I like the look of the denim baggy, but it just didn't work for me... I love my cabby!
  11. I'd sell the Denim Baggy for the NEO CABBY.
  12. cabby
  13. :roflmfao: I'll do follow ... I guess
  14. Baggy.
  15. I have the Blue Baggy and like it but I also have the Black Cabby and I LOVE it!