Denim - Baggy/pleaty/Speedy

  1. them all?

    How do you decide what is the best purchase?

    I'm lusting over the Noe speedy.. just love the pink (you gals wear it so well) the green is beautiful. OI would love to have both... :smile: But i also like the cute factor of the Mini pleaty in the pink, for me it is totally a bag i'd use when running errands and dont need my entire handbag. I love the idea of the shoulder bag (denim baggy pm) but do you get the green or the blue denim.

    I think the blue denim is a great day bag(daily use) if dont need to be dressed up for work.. Its a great casual bag. I think the pink speedy is summer only and seems a little more dressier then the blue, but the green is just so beautiful. Is it as casual as the blue or more dressy like the pink but for fall?

    Now the baggy pm is so perfect (the speedy with a shoulder strap IMO) do you go for the green or the blue.

    How do we make these choices :smile:
  2. Green! I have the Baggy Gm in green...its so regrets there!
  3. Yes I love the olive color and I would have to go with Pleaty because it's just so darn cute!
  4. Blue denim baggy PM, that'd be my pick !
  5. All of you have great choices..

    this is why i love seeing members model their bags. I think that kind of helps you (without going to LV) see what suits your need/want/ style.
  6. i agree. Seeing someone model the bag really helps.

    Thanks to the forum (seeing pics of members) I have 3 denim purchases coming up. I decided on :

    • the original blue neo speedy,
    • the original blue baggy gm
    • and the fuchia neo speedy.
    They are all great bags but if you decide on two I would get one hadbag and one shoulder bag for versatility. If you decide on one go with the neo speedy in blue. Its cute and casual and will match everything.

    I just love :love: the denim line so much nowadays. Its a nice break from brown mono and oh so cute. I just hope the denim does not get dirty easily. We don't have to worry about that much with mono canvas

    Good luck
  7. You make some great points on the shoulder and handbag. I have to agee the denim is a nice change and very casual.

    I think if you use the shining moneky on them they should stand up. I think it was Carol that sprayed her and said she was/has been using it daily since nov.. WOW her bag looks wonderful!
  8. I have the blue baggy PM and I love it, it gets stares everywhere I go!, I bought it before the colours came out, but I think denim is best in blue, I don't like coloured denim in anything!

    I actually loved the neo speedy better, but I'm a hand-held bag kinda gal and knew I would just get the handles dirty etc, so I went for the baggy PM
  9. I love love love the green neo speedy!!! :love: That's on my wish list.
  10. I'm A Big Pink Fan....I Like The Neo Speedy In The Fuchsia.......I Like Them All...But That Is Definitely My Favorite
  11. All the choices.. we need to be like bewitched so we could just have them all.

  12. Hmm. Bag Fetish tell me more about this shining monkey spray and what it does??
  13. I dont know *LOL* It has been recommended but other forum members.. MmmTammy( i think the id is) and Cannie(Carol). It is supposed to be better then appleguard/ doesnt go on greasy. I use appleguard on my bags now but they are all canvas. This shining monkey is a fabric guard so it will work great on protecting the denim collection. You can use this as well on the naked leather as well and will help provent watermarks.

    I am waiting for my first can.

  14. I love the look of the mini pleaty, super adorable, in either blue or green.
  15. Hey guys its my first post lol I've got the lv denim pleaty and I love it its so cute i think.