Denim Baggy Owners, Please help!

  1. I am thinking of buying e denim baggy, either PM or GM, off eBay or let-trade and just am not sure about the location of the heatstamp. Some pictures show that the heatstamp is on the interior pocket while some show it above the interior pocket. Which one is real? Can you check your denim baggy and let me know the location of your heatstamp and also the date code? Thank you all!:sad: :smile: :sweatdrop:
  2. I have a baggy gm...

    The date code is inside the bag. In the inside pocket on the lower left corner.

    Heatstamp?? Do you mean the "Louis Vuitton Made in France" label? If so, it's just above the inside pocket.

    HTH!! :yes: :smile:
  3. I have a neo speedy and the heatstamp is on the interior pocket. So, for baggy GM, the heatstamp is above the inside pocket? I have seen pictures of both and am so confused. Thank you for responding. :yes:
  4. The date code is inside the pocket (left bottom corner) mine says: FL0036

    Heatstamp?? When people get there bags stamped with their initials it's called "heatstamp". That's why I'm a bit confused...

    Uhhh...the lil patch that's inside LV bags that is square and says:

    Louis Vuitton
    Made in France above the inside once you unzip the bag you'll see the lil square patch just above the pocket.

    HTH! :smile:
  5. Here are some pictures of the heatstamps on Denim Baggy. Which one is real?
  6. Here are the pictures... :confused1:
    GM Above Pocket.jpg GM on Pocket 1.jpg GM on Pocket.jpg On the Pocket.jpg PM Above Pocket.jpg
  7. Hmm...I'm no expert....but the last pic showing the lil Made in USA/France patch is above the pocket that's how mine is.

    But you can't see the writing from that pic.

    Not really sure as to if it's real or not. But the placement in the last pic is where mine is in my Baggy Gm.

    I know it's so confusing...:confused1:

    The other close up pics of the blue baggy patch (made in USA/france) looks to be placed on the pocket itself. Hmm (???) Not sure if others with the Baggy PM/GM have there's located there. But being that mine is "above" the pocket, perhaps it would be best to steer away from the others (bags you pictured) until you get more feedback from other Baggy owners.

    Hopefully other PFers will respond as to where it's located in their bags. You can also try the "Authenticate This" thread.

    GOOD LUCK!! :yes:

    EDIT: I just looked at the Green baggy pic you posted again....and that one looks like it's "above" the pocket as well. So that's a step in the right direction. Not sure with the writing, etc. although it looks good to me. But like I said I'm no expert. GL!!
  8. hi, hope these pix can help mine is a baggy pm

    1 and 2.the inner pocket, and above it, is where you can find "LOUIS VUITTON Paris Made in France"

    3. where you can find the date code. Mine is FL1006(made oct of 2006)

    IMG_9542.JPG IMG_9544.JPG IMG_9546.JPG
  9. ^^Thanks for helping out!! :yes: I was gonna take pics of mine but my battery is dead..UGH! :push:

    Yep, that looks exactly like mine...(Except LOL mine's the Fuschia! ..and GM) :p
  10. no problem.;)
  11. Hmmm... maybe the placement is different between the PMs and the GMs? Mine is a GM and the vachetta patch is definitely ON the pocket. Looks most like the 4th pic in your line-up above.

    And I couldn't find the datecode, but I'm gonna look again! (Mine is from LV -- it has to be auth.)
  12. Hm...Is it possible that both locations for the heatstamp are legit?

    I am going to list the responses received so far:
    LVCRAZED: Fuschia Baggy GM - Above the Pocket
    kellyLV: Blue Baggy PM - Above the Pocket
    beth001: Lichen Baggy GM - ON the Pocket

    Thank you!!
  13. and oh , i want to add,it's possible to find the date code on the right side too. this is my second baggy pm I exchanged the first one and its date code is on the right side of the pocket and as you can see the newer one is it's on the left. Thanks and good luck
  14. My blue Baggy GM has the patch ON the pocket, and the date code inside the pocket.
  15. So far we have these responses:
    LVCRAZED: Fuschia Baggy GM - Above the Pocket
    kellyLV: Blue Baggy PM - Above the Pocket
    beth001: Lichen Baggy GM - ON the Pocket
    Milhouse13: Blue Baggy GM - ON the Pocket