denim baggy - how stupid am I!

  1. OK, I am sitting here kicking myself very hard indeed. I'm currently keeping Royal Mail in business.
    Ordered the denim pleaty (went back - too small), ordered the blue baggy PM (loved it but thought it was going to be bigger so returned it), ordered the damier azur speedy 30.
    Now the speedy has arrived and I really don't like it. So what have I done - ordered the b****y blue baggy PM again!
    Now I'll have a 2 week wait for my exchange to arrive - serves me right!
    Is anyone else as daft as me???
  2. lol I wouldn't worry.. I think someone else had the same experience recently. As long as you now know you'll be happy thats all that matters! :smile:
  3. I AM!!!! Well.....I didn't do all the swapping around as you though! I did almost return my baggy pm because I was thinking it was bigger etc. I boxed it up and had it in my car all ready to go to the post office and I just couldn't return it! I went out there one night and took it out and looked at it and realized that it was the cutest bag I ever had and kept it. I am SO glad I did. I fit a ton into that bag! I think I was just used to how my speedy held everything in such an organized way. Once you use your baggy a few times you will be too. I am telling you, I get compliments at least once a day. It goes with everything and is such a cute summer bag. It's light and so comfortable to carry. Let us know when you get it and post pics!!!
  4. BagLadie you are so right. I so nearly didn't return it as I loved the bag but kept thinking how expensive it was etc etc. I guess it's that old devil going in my head saying 'but the perfect bag could still be out there' that made me return it.
    Having compared it to the Azur, I realise that the baggy was right for me. I think it was the difference in size that made me unsure. I'm currently carrying my red Noe and the baggy seemed tiddly against that. I just know it's going to look wonderful with white linen and freckles (don't get tanned!) on holiday in the south of France next month!!
    Thank you for your kind words, made me feel less of a twerp.
  5. Is there an LV near you, so you can try on some bags so that you dont have to go via post??

  6. I wish! I'm in the wilds of the south west of the UK so no LV within easy distance.
  7. Mini pleaty is a small bag, more for just the wallet, cell and key not much more. The baggy.. :heart: it. its the perfect size. You're going to love it... Enjoy!
  8. Well, now at least you know you really want it :p
    I was doubting about buying the blue baggy pm, because I really liked the fuschia aswell. But when I heard the blue baggy was also being discontinued, I had a 'flash' and I knew I had to have it! I use mine every day (when it's not raining) and it can really hold a lot, you just have to organise it differently than the speedy.
    Post pics when you get it back!!
  9. oh, did someone just say holiday in south of france!? oh yum!
  10. Oh you're not daft at all! Sometimes it takes a while to really fall in love with the perfect bag, and it may take one or two returns in order to realize which one really is perfect.

    When you get your baggy pm, try her out at home with your usual stuff inside. Walk around the house, play around a'll realize that she's very roomy and actually just the right size for an everyday bag without being heavy or bulky!

    Definitely keep her as it's being discontinued; you'll be grateful you still have her once they're all gone! :idea:
  11. OOOOHHHH I'm excited! My fuschia baggy GM is on the truck now! I hope it's as "just right" as you say it is.

    Is the denim baggy being discontinued? I thought that just the fuschia and lichen were discontinued but that the bags would continue in denim blue.
  12. Yes, you'll find more info in the "fall/winter 2007-2008" thread in the reference section. The denim baggy pm & gm, pleaty, mini pleaty and both sac à dos are being discontinued next month in all colours. Most shops will only have the blue denim now anyway as the fuchsia and lichen were limited colours. LV is bringing out new denim styles this year, so they probably decided to stop producing older styles (although they're not that old really) :smile:
  13. Thank goodness I've bought mine now if they're all being discontinued. It's only the blue that is available in the UK and Europe. I'd love a lichen speedy as well but that's going to have to remain a dream.
    Thanks to you all for making me realise I'm not as daft as I thought - it's just bags that make us all a little mad!
    Will post pics when it arrives, hopefully tomorrow.
  14. LOL no u r not stupid but u will feel better when u have the RIGHT bag and the one u really love
  15. Oh, I didn't even know that. I'm so glad I went denim crazy and got what I wanted before they were gone! Phew!