Denim Baggy GM/PM

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  1. Do you feel that the denim baggy GM or PM/sags like the sagging Speedy that has been discussed on the forum? Is it just denim material and the two leather tiny pieces that lay across the bottom of the bag give it support? I really hate the look of a sagging bag and wonder if you can stretch the denim out of shape. Just a thought to discuss. I guess if one wants it more structured you can do the cardboard thing like so many have done with the Speedy bags. Now that Star keeps posting these beautiful pictures I think all of us are going to be getting this bag.:biggrin:

  2. That's a GOOD question. Jill just bought one and so did Star3777. Send a PM to those ladies and see what they say then let us know b-cuz I'm getting one too.:biggrin:
  3. I dont think its saggy...but it is a mushier bag than most LVs!
    I am wearing it today and really loving it alot.It has structure yet it also has the mushy feel to it...easy to get in and out of...small pockets for it.

  4. Yay. I was hoping you would say it didint sag. B-cuz the reason i preferred it onver the GM (other than seing you model it) was b-cuz I could fit lots and lots of stuff in it.

    Also this brings up another question. Does the Neo Speedy Sag? :huh:
  5. I think the leather on the bottom will give it support (at least some) I guess if it was an issue you could put a small piece of cardbaoard on the bottom. I've wonder the same thing.

  6. Does anyone that has the baggy pm and speedy 25.. does the baggy pm how as much as the speedy?

    I love the idea that the baggy is floppy and unstructured...
  7. Mine doesn't sag - jsut the zip bends in an annoying way sometimes. But I love it and the overall shape is great.