Denim baggy gm or pm?

  1. I am interested in purchasing the green denim baggy but I don't know what size I should get. I am afraid the gm would be too large and hard to get stuff out of. Any opinions or pics?
  2. GM!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

    Do a search under baggy gm and you will see pics of pf'ers and thier bags. Its a great bag. I have two (blue and pink)
  3. I tried both on and prefer the look of PM with a long strap (on me).:love:
  4. Oh la la. I like both and have your same concerns. Do you carry many things? I am more a small to medium size purse person so I will go with the PM. Then again I see the GM on the photos and like the look as well.
  5. I have the PM and love the way it looks. The GM has this odd shape that I'm not in love with.
  6. PM for me as well. The GM looks ginormous!
  7. I have the PM - the GM seems more like a large tote for me.
  8. I love the PM as well.
  9. i prefer the look of the PM.
  10. I am about 5'2'' or 5'3'' so would the gm be too big? I figure the pm would be better for me and I don't want to dig for stuff but the gm looks so great in the pics
  11. I like the PM, but then I am small so to me the GM is HUGE!!!
  12. PM has a nicer shape
  13. I have the PM in green and looovee the size (and color). It's the perfect size shoulder bag as it fits all of my essentials, fits right nice up under my arm and is also small enough that I can take it out in the evenings to clubs too. I am 5'8" and considered the GM first but I really wanted a day to evening bag and this fit the bill!
  14. GM!!! i love big bags :P