Denim Baggy GM Or PM? Your Opionions Please!

  1. Till yesterday I said, that I would never buy the price for a Denim Bag!:p But yesterday I saw a lady with the Denim Baggy GM and she told me, that this bag is very very light. I have big problems with my shoulders, so I sold all my shoulder bags (except my Boulogne) and I wear only hand held bags. All the same I need a shoulder bag, because I have 2 dogs and the hand held bags are very uncomfortible when I walk with them.
    I'm convinced as ever that the Denim bags are too expensive for the textil material!! All the same I'll go to the store next week and have a look at the Baggy PM. I'm not a very big person and I think , that de GM will be to voluminous for me. Please Baggy-owners, give my some opinions. How is the PM, how is the GM? I'm afraid that the GM is too deep, because I don't like it if I must search my stuff in the "depth" of my bag. Thank you very much!
  2. I have a Baggy Gm and I disagree with the lady who told you that it was a very light bag. I think mine is a bit heavy even without putting anything in it. However, it is such a wonderful bag, I love it so much that I ignore the weight.

    I'm 5' 6" and I think I look better with the GM, my husband and my friends agreed with me on that. ;)
  3. Oh, really!? I'm a little disappointet of that! I'm searching a ligth wight bag for my shoulder - maybe the PM isn't so heavy?! I think I'll have to try it at the store! Thank you!
  4. When you go to Lv next week to try on the bags put all your stuff in the bag each time. Then you will know if it hurts or not. I am able to wear the Bh sometimes even though it is a big bag. It does not have much hard wear and I don't over stuff it so I can wear it with out to much trouble. Good luck on your search I know how hard it is with shoulder pain.
  5. I'll do that, thank you. I like the BH very much, but I'm afraid of the weight?! The Mini Lin Saumur or Boulogne may be could be a good bag too?!
    Thank you!:smile:
  6. The Bh is not very heavy. It looks like it would be but it is not. It weighs 654 grams on my food scale.
  7. I love both. I don't find them very heavy. They do have a bit of hardware, so that does add a little weight, but I don't find it heavy. They are pricey, but they are such unique bags that they are worth it. I adore my gm. It is deep though! The pm is adorable, but it was too small for me.
  8. I tried them both on at the boutique and the SA told that PM looked better on me (I am 5'8" btw) but told me to get a long strap to go with it. I personally think that GM would have been too big for my daily needs.

  9. ^^^^^^^^

    I said the SAME thing about spending that much for an LV denim piece......until I actually had it in my's actually a very heavy, sturdy weight denim, it doesn't feel cheap at all.....and its supposedly coated for protection. I have the GM in fuschia and love I basically ate my words re: never spending that much on a denim piece....I did it again with my patchwork speedy !! Go for it !!
  10. I love love love my baggy pm!! I have it in blue and I use it everyday. It holds a ton and I personally like the look of it better than the GM. Good luck in your decision.
  11. I have the GM and love it. one my favorite bags.
  12. Thank you ladies - I'm looking forward to try it next week!
  13. I have the PM and it is a little heavy. I am 5 feet 1 inch and when I tried on the GM it overwhelmed me and looked really bad. If you're looking for a lightweight bag try the Neverfull MM or Batignolles Horizontal.
  14. Both PM and GM are great bags, so it depends on your need. I prefer GM personally as I am liking more of bigger bags these days. Do you carry a lot of stuff? If not, maybe PM is better since it will be lighter on your shoulder.
  15. i love the pm! i am kicking myself for not getting the fuschia one when i could have!