Denim Baggy GM on Eluxury

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? My mother has the Denim Baggy PM and she loves it!! I have been eyeing the GM on eluxury and now its GONE!!! I knew that would happen! These are very "fadish" so I'm trying not to get to upset about it. But I tried one on at the LV store in Atlanta several months ago and I absolutely fell in love. How does everyone feel about the GM version? Like or dislike?
  2. hi, i have the Pm and wished that I got the GM instead. I find it too small for me.. im used to carrying big bags. i think the GM is great for everyday bag....
  3. I don't find it as easy on the eyes as the PM version.. and hey, if you wait a few more months, there'll be your choice of pink and green in the denim as well !
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