Denim bag owners.. please come in.............

  1. I am going to LV today and I want to wait list for the new black denim bag. I love it, I want to know if the denim is durable or it fades. I plan to use this bag quite alot, I"M going to get the gm.I hope it doesnt look bad in a few months and look like worn jeans. lol. Anyone with a denim bag , can share experience. Thanks
  2. i bought the blue Denim Neo-Speedy back in November 2005, and it's held up very well :yes:
  3. I bought the Porte Epaule Raye MM Cruise last year. I used it quite frequently and it still looks gorgeous:heart:

    How much is the black denim GM? Any pics? I think someone post it somewehre before....
  4. I also have the Porte Epaule Raye MM, Lichen Neo Speedy, and the Fuschia Bagy GM and they have held up really well. Looks actually brand new and I've had them for almost 8 months.

    The black denim Neo Cabby GM is $1720 USD. There's a picture of the MM size ($1500 USD) in the Fall/Winter Summary thread, page 28, post #410. Check it out!:smile:
  5. i have a denim mini pleaty and it has held up very well.

  6. LOL how efficient are you thread name, page & post number LOL!!

    OP I have the fuschia baggy looking great no fading
  7. I bought the blue denim mini pleaty last year and although I don't use it constantly or that often, it has no problems. Still looks brand new.
  8. The wear on the fabric isn't really comparable to jeans -- you don't throw it in the washing machine or the dryer!
  9. My fuchsia denim speedy has held up extremely well, no signs of wears except for the patina :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone. I waitlisted for the neo cabby. I cant wait!!! and true you dont thow it in the washer or

  11. Thanks. The CabbyMM looks extremely delicious:drool::drool:!! How big is the cabby MM?? I think I'm going to my LV store to have it WL next week!!! I am sure the price will be a little bit higher once it's released:push:....when will it come out you know?????
  12. The cabby mm is the perfect sized bag. It will be in 3rd week of july my sa said. i hope they dont raise the price.
  13. Hope you get it soon, can't wait to see your pics.:nuts:
    I have the fuschia baggy gm and it holds up well, doesn't show dirt and is quite comfy to use.
  14. i'm so jealous!!! I would love a denim baggy pm or neo speedy for a summer bag but can not afford it at the moment!
  15. I've carried my Lichen Baggy GM every day for the past 2-1/2 months (okay, I know that's not like a YEAR, but I toss it around pretty badly) and the denim looks like it did when it came out of the box shipped from LV. The leather is beginning to tan, as you would expect, but the fabric is "poifect!"