Denim Bag at Outlets???

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  1. Yes. Not marked down much though. Not a whole lot left and hard to find ones that line up fairly nicely on the sides.
  2. Haven't seen it up here yet!:drool:
  3. Is that Ebay bag a bonefide real Coach bag ?
  4. Yes, I've seen it at the San Marcos outlet, but only one or two..
  5. I saw a small signature denim and white leather duffle at Macy's the other day. They also had a couple of the denim and brown wristlets. Both were in the 25% off display.
  6. Nordstrom in Providence had a white leather with denim duffel yesterday. Didn't look at the price.. sorry.
  7. Price is $256 plus tax. Add in the ebay seller fees etc. That gives you an idea.
  8. The one listed looks good.
  9. yes, I saw it in March/April at the Destin, FL outlet.
  10. i have it and it is BEAUTIFUL!
  11. i got it full price tho
  12. Haven't seen it my way!
  13. Saw it a couple of days ago at the Vineland Outlet in Orlando. I did not look at the price but the whole closure thing kept me away. Seems like it could be uncomfortable to keep closed. What do you guys think?
  14. lolita, glad you mentioned it was at vineland. Will be there in a few days and my niece really wants that bag. Thanks,