Denim August 1

  1. The SA called today and said he has the new denim backpack, etc for me to look at but can't sell till August 1.
  2. hmm.
    I'm a little over backpacks but I'm wondering what it will look like?
  3. I hope to see a real life pic soon.
  4. I have seen them.... not really my won't have to wait very long as they will released very soon:smile:
  5. same here, i have seen the backpack, not to my liking.
  6. I'm curious. I'd love to see a pic...
  7. [​IMG]OOH- I like this one...what is it??LOL!?
  8. PS-I thought the BPs are cute...but for a younger my daughter..LOL
  9. Yeah I normally like all leather backpacks but I think denim is just a bit young. In fact I think I had a denim backpack when I was a kid. I'll definitely go check it out though.
  10. I am not crazy for the backpack.

  11. that´s a shoe bag... that´s the name hehe. It´from the men collection, released along with the tobago items... it is already out in stores as well
  12. I think the backpack is cute. It will look good on the right person.
  13. I have that bag it is from S/S 06 men's range. I am thinking of using it as my summer bag:heart: I would like the black one too:shame:
    Picture 108.jpg
  14. ^TOO CUTE! How much is the shoe bag???
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