denim and mc dilemma, help...

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  1. i was never a fond of the denim line, but i found this style is really cute, but i also had a dream of owing the mc speedy but sometimes i feel this style is too loud. the denim is seems more undertone and humble. which one do you think i should have?
    anyone of you own a denim? and do you like it compared to mc speedy?
    and which denim do u think is best? i'm eyeing on flat shopper or neo speedy...
    flatshopper$1200.jpg neospeedy$1390.jpg
  2. I am not a Denim fan at all. But, between those two I would vote for the Neo Speedy. And between the Neo Speedy and the MC Speedy, I of course would chose the MC Speedy.
  3. I have the neo speedy, but love the flat shopper too. Denim kind of grows on you, IMO.
  4. I have the Denim Speedy and I loooooooooove it. The MC Speedy is gorgeous, too. I like the MC line (I have a black Alma and a white Lodge PM) - but if I could have only one of these I'd definetly go for the Denim Speedy. The soft fabric is great and the Speedy matches 95 % of my clothes :biggrin:
  5. Neo Speedy :yes:
  6. yeah, right now i can only afford one, and torn between these choices... :cry: mc speedy is my long dream, but i never had a courage to buy that yet, it seems to glamorous for me now, and the denim seems so simple and most importantly lighweight... oooohhhhh i'm sooo confused...
  7. I would go to the store so, you can compare the two. Sometimes my SA holds a couple of bags for me and I go in and compare them and come out with one I really love.
  8. I have both and love both. I like the neo denim better because its so light compared to the Mc speedy.

    As for holding the same i think so. at least for me it holds what i need.

    As for the two you picked, i guess the question is do you have the use for the plat? I see that more as a shopping bag, or work /school style bag that i'd put books, files and such stuff in. So if you have a use for that then go for it. Otherwise i'd say the neo speedy.

    Perhaps the baggy might be an option?
  9. i have the Denim Neo-Speedy, and i love it. it's so lightweight compared to the Multicolore Speedy, and it can hold a lot too.
  10. go for the MC speedy ^_^
  11. I have a MC trouville. I don't find it loud or overbearing at all. I also love the denim line too however. I would go for the Speedy denim. It's so classic but cute looking!! Good luck with your choice!
  12. I think you should get your 'dream' bag. If you still consider it to be the MC Speedy you should get it if you can only have one. It is a very heavy bag, though. Maybe someone who has one could weigh it empty to give you an idea.
  13. thank you ladies :smile:
  14. I love the neo speedy! Do you want them in only the blue denim? What about the fushia or green?
  15. i think i'm going for the blue denim. it's more classic. the pink is too sweet for me and i don't really like the green denim
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