Denim alligator, or save for car??

  1. you guys,, im so confused. i need a car when im 16. but i really want the lv demin alligator sac fermoir pm!! its my dream bag, but i fear if i find one and buy it, there might not be enough time to save up for my dream car..
  2. If you truely need a car, then I would skip the bag and get the car.
  3. oh, please get a car. the Denim Alligator is hideous :yucky:
  4. Car. No purse should ever come in the way of having a car.
  5. Listen to the ladies - get a car..the purse is not going to drive you anywhere:smile:
  6. save for a car instead...
  7. Car has to be first!
  8. Same as everyone first:yes:
  9. Without a doubt the CAR first! Then you can splurge later!
  10. thanks guys, but i should have explained.. my family already has 3 cars. 2 for mom and 1 for dad. i dont really NEED a car, but it would be nice to have one... (and i know some people think the alligator is hideous, but i love it)

  11. Don't take those comments personally! Some people should think before they type, if you know what I mean!;) I happen to love the bag as well!:love: However, it's not a bag that you can use daily and IS a lot of $$$. As much as I LOVE the bag you are talking about, I vote CAR!:yes:
  12. LOL:roflmfao: :lol:

    I think you already have the answer, you said you want denim alligator bag and you need the car when you are 16

    I personally will get the car first. With car you can may be get the job to save up for your dream bag..
  13. I think it's wonderful that you are saving. Keep it up, get the car first!:flowers:
  14. :yes:
  15. i would say a car but if you happen to find a denim alligator bag you should snatch it right away before its too late! you could always drive one of your mom's car for the time being.
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