Denim Agenda...Pics?????

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  1. Does anyone have pics of the new denim agenda? Please post!!!! :yes::p
  2. I don't have pics but I heard its black denim with a koala clasp (rust color) and the inside is yellowish. I asked my friend (who works at LV) to take a picture with her phone but she couldn't lol :lol: But, she said it is GORGEOUS!!
  3. That sounds really nice. What colour is the stitching?
  4. I am going to try to go to LV today, I will try to sneak a pic!
  5. I think the stitching is likely to be in yellow.
  6. I saw the blue one at Sak's LV on Saturday. It was nice!
  7. I'd like to see pic's :yes:
  8. oh yes pics, pics, pics!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh i would love to pics.
  10. meeee toooooooooo!


  11. My SA did confirm that it will only come in the BLUE color, it DOES have the koala clasp, and it is lined with Yellow leather. I will take a looksie at it this weekend !!!!!

    Retail price = $345. Cheaper than the other koala agendas at $375 !!
  12. that sounds really cool, i'd love a denim agenda :smile:
    and it sounds more durable than some of the other canvas/leather agendas.
    especially when i have to use it for school or something, to toss in my backpack.
  13. Rust coloured Koala?! Sounds interesting and yellow interior would be luscious. :drool:
  14. I assume it will look something like this ...

    taken from Ioffer.


  15. Can't wait to see this IRL at the store... the thought of a denim agenda doesn't seem tempting at the moment, but maybe seeing it IRL, I will have a change of mind? :shrugs: