Denim Accessories?

  1. does anyone know if they're releasing any denim accessories.. ie wallets, coin purses/etc?

    i saw this on ioffer... dont ask why i'm there, i'm bored of ebay fakes okay? haha.

    and thought it'd be way cute if it was real.
  2. I wish they made denim accessories...I want some to match my bags!
  3. Not me! I think denim bags are really cute but overpriced and I can ONLY imagine how much they would charge for denim wallets, etc.!:rant:
  4. I think a denim key cles would be HOT in the pink or green.
  5. oh a cles... that's the one thing i'll buy in regular blue for sure. :yes:
  6. :smile: i think i'd use it daily too, regardless of the color
  7. I'm searching my brain ... and I do seem to recall a few denim accessories coming out. I must have seen them in the Look Book at LV. I was pretty sure there was at least one wallet among the three or so pieces. I know their weren't more than a couple. Then again, I could have only dreamnt this because I would love a denim wallet or cles !