DENIED!!! Atlantic Peyton

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  1. So I went to my local Coach store this morning and tried to order the Atlantic Peyton and the SA wasn't sure so she called JAX. They told her this bag is a limited addition and could not be purchased on PCE! I know a few of you were able to buy them and some haven't. I told her I knew a few TPFr's who were able to get one on PC and she didn't beleive me. Frustrating!
  2. Coach inconsistency strikes again. That stinks! :tdown:
  3. The manager at my store told me they allowed it because it was listed as a "Bleeker Street" limited edition. Somehow that distinction allowed her to do it. I think the extensive exclusions have frustrated the SAs as much as the consumers. Sorry that you are running into problems. Good luck!
  4. I got mine with PCE but it was a fight. The thing that is crazy is that it's NOT listed under Legacy, but in its own category Peyton on the website. My SA called the DM and she allowed it but he told me that it was a major no no.

    I hope you can do it!
  5. Ditto, for all of my Peytons. Can you try another Boutique?
  6. My boutique would have had no issue ordering the Peyton for me and had ordered it for other people on PCE - I decided on the Sabrina instead though. I'd try another boutique as this is kinda nuts. Coach really needs to get it's act together - there seems to be zero "company policy" on anything yet everyone wants to cite "company policy" for the decisions they make which just reeks of bad customer service!
  7. I just tried at the Forums Shoppes in Ceasar's palace and was denied.
  8. I just ordered the red patent Peyton today on PCE at a store that was different from my normal store and NO PROBLEM!!! Your store is FULL OF CRAP!!!!

    Here's the thing... Each store has a list of "exclusions". This list contains SPECIFIC bags that cannot be purchased on PCE. If it's not on the list, you CAN purchase it...UNLESS....the bag happens to NOT be stocked at JAX and is a Legacy Shop exclusive. That means if it IS stocked at JAX, and it's not on the exclusions list, then you CAN order it via PCE. My SA's store even confirmed the Peyton because I had wanted to return and repurchase my other Peytons. The district manager said it was fine...again confirming that what's on the list are EXCEPTIONS and anything else is "OK". This is why you can purchase old Legacy items using PCE.

    I am so sick of inconsistency with Coach! It honestly makes me want to take my business elsewhere permanently!! And they have the audacity to claim that the forum is a source of misinformation...WHY?!?!? Because COACH causes the misinformation by not properly training their employees and forcing them to perform!! If I did some of the crap that some of these SAs pull in some of the sales positions I was in, I would have been out on my *ss or been sued!!!

    I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I would try another store!!
  9. might be a dumb question but what is this JAX that you all keep referring 2?
  10. Jax is an abbreviation for Jacksonville, Florida, which is where COACH's Distribution Center is housed.
  11. I'm in Charlotte, NC and there two stores. I went to one boutique and called the other and both said no. The first SA called JAX and they told her no way. When I called the other store she said no on the spot without even asking anyone so I'm wondering if she has been approached already.

    I'm actually really peeved about it. I wanted the bag really bad but now I want it even more because I can't have it, lol! AND I refuse to pay full price now!
  12. It's so frustrating and confusing what can and cannot be purchased with pce, even for us SA's There's a long list at the store with a bunch of exclusions. Also, for certain lines you can't get the bag with pce, but can get the matching accessories. It begins to make my head spin and I always feel so bad when I have to tell some lovely coachie that she can't get what she has her heart set on with her pce. My store is also a pretty strict store unfortunately.

  13. This happened to someone else...I think the thread is in the PCE forum. She pushed the issue until the manager contacted the district manager. Why don't you try to call a store and do a phone order? I know my regular store won't do it now because you would have to mail your PCE card to them before they could order it...but if there's enough stock, and they will bend the rules for you beyond a couple of days, you could mail your card to a store probably and get them to do it. There's a gallery store here in NJ that carries these Peytons, but I don't think they have any of the new colors yet...just the croc, suede, calf hair, fuchsia, white, and gunmetal. Maybe if you call them, they will allow you to mail your card. They actually honored the $50 discount on one of my Peytons for the last event, even though I didn't have a coupon card. Anyway, their number is 973-376-2747, and it's the Short Hills, NJ store. It doesn't hurt to try, and at least they carry this bag!! Good luck!!

  14. My SA actually read the list to me, and it's for specific bags, so it's really not that hard IMHO. All the accessories are included. I can understand how people react when they are told "no" for a certain bag, though, because some cannot understand why some Legacy is included and some not, etc. Or when it's a Legacy Shop exclusive that can only be obtained through the Bleecker St. store. But the Peyton is NOT on the exclusions list.
  15. Thanks, I may give that a try!