Denied at LJ?

  1. Hi Girls! Sorry for being such a n00b, but how can I register for the shoptokidoki LJ site? I tried to join and was informed that my registration was denied by admin.

    Is there a special requirement to join the site? Can anyone give me an idea of what is required?

    Sorry if this question has been posted before.... :confused1:

    I was looking for a place where tokidoki collectors could buy, sell, or trade (other than eBay) the LJ site utilized in this capacity? I would prefer to deal directly with tokidoki collectors, rather than risk buying a fake on eBay. :smile:
  2. Thanks! I did read the rules before I applied, but I missed that one part about sending the "secret code" before applying! lol

    I will try again :tup:
  3. Make sure you read those instructions correctly and do exactly what it says. For some reason they are VERY strict on that...idk why...and I was denied at first too because I did something wrong so yeahh dont feel discouraged.
  4. Denied again. Oh well. :tdown:

    Can anyone direct me to or recommend a website where you can trade or buy/sell tokis with other collectors?

    I'm trying to find a good home for my BV Spiaggia (it's like giving away a beloved pet! :crybaby:)....actually i'm looking to trade for an earlier print...and I know we are not allowed to advertise that on this site. (So don't PM here, lol, I don't want to break any rules)

    Any website recommendations? Thanks in advance! :heart:
  5. nah, lj is the best. try contacting the mods of it..thats what i did and asked what i was doin wrong...
  6. i tried joing LJ the other day and last night they denied me:sad:

    so i tried again right after and this morning i got approved!

    don't forget to send the secret code comment first then ask to join.

    good luck!:tup:
  7. I sent the secret code before I tried the second time.
  8. I'm trying to join.. how exactly do you send the secret code.. I tried two times and got denied two times.. so sad
  9. Email the MOD. That worked for me.