1. I just got my first denaro today. Now, I've never seen one in real life but, I feel a bit disappointed with the size. I think it would have looked better if it was an inch, half an inch or 3/4 an inch smaller..

    But, maybe i'm just picky? Augh, I guess I just had high hopes that it would look super cute cos it's a black camo. Turns out the print is - just not happy with the size.. :crybaby:

    Still trying to decide whether i wanna keep it or not.. I bought it from an ebayer ( the one you guys usually dislike ) and I know I would lose so much money if I resell it.. bah..
  2. I don't much like the denaro either. I recently ordered two (black & trasporto) from the Lesportsac site and sent them both back. I didn't really object to the size of the wallet but I didn't like the coin compartment. I seem to always accumulate a lot of change and that tiny flap compartment just is too small for my needs. I'll stick with my new Harajuku Lovers wallet which was only $25 and I Love it.
  3. Ah, that is too bad! :sad: Actually, I don't have any problems with that because I always have a seperate coin purse haha. I wouldn't want my TokiDoki wallet to be somewhat mutilated because of the amount of change I carry anyway. :p
  4. I thought you were going to say it needs to be bigger. I find the wallet too small and yes the coin pouch drives me nuts. I use to carry a checkbook style wallet and had a huge change compartment. I really downsized when I went with the denaro but I need that size of wallet for my dolce.
  5. It is kind of big, but I'm getting used to it. I used to have one of those magic flip wallets, which was tiny, so having a big wallet with a zip has been a bit of a luxury.
  6. Yep, I carry change in a separate coin purse and put cards in the coin section of my Denaro. :smile:

    I was a big-fat-wallet girl until I got my Denaro...forced me to reconsider what I carry around all the time and now I love my new streamlined wallet! :roflmfao:

  7. haha, the weird thing is.. I DO carry a checkbook size wallet. I guess I'm just used to seeing smaller square shaped wallets and im just not used to it yet. aurgh, no way can i sell this anytime soon.. i might as well use it cos its the only thing that fits my small tokidoki bags haha >_>;

    my real wallet is way too big for the bambino =(
  8. lol my wallets were kinda big and fat too before i bought this checkbook sized wallet. xD maybe im just weird and i was just expecting it to be smaller.

    One reason why I don't feel like selling this anyway it's because I've developed a fetish for the nylon / fabric that they used on the camo items ... wayyy too smooth and soft :heart: wah :blush:
  9. I'm going to have to go pull out my olive camo bella bella and see if it is also smooth! I haven't used that purse much :lol:

    If my trasporto denaro would have been better placement I would have kept it. And to be honest I actually ordered THREE hoping for good placement and I didn't like ANY of them! Maybe I'm just too picky but if I'm paying that much for a wallet I have to LOVE the placement.
  10. nurie - LOL!! :yes: I had the same reaction when I received my first denaro. I thought it was a little HUGE for what it is - a kiddie wallet for some cash, a couple of CC, and maybe two or three quarters tops!! Ha Ha! :biggrin: I thought it would be small, like my other by-folds!! The compartment issue didn't bother me, since I always carry just essentials and I never, ever use checks.

    Oh well, that said, notice in the first sentence I say that was my reaction to my first denaro. :p I have 3 now!! Well, two - I just bought one today:yahoo: so I technically don't have it yet. It's SOOOOO kyoot!! Can't wait!! :love:
  11. I'm super picky when it comes to placement too!! (tisk, tisk) :nogood: My hubby likes to "affectionately" call me OCD.:nuts: Bahhh!! I can't help it!!
    BUT, my newest denaro is absolutely perfect!! I don't know how it's possible but ALL my faves are on it!! I guess they all fit because the denaro is so HUGE and all!! :roflmfao:
  12. I still use my Jansport velcro wallet that I bought from the clearance bin at Sportmart sophomore year in high school. As far as longevity, my wallet can't be beat, the velcro is still working great and zipper for the coin part has yet to jam. The best part is that there is a second zipped up secret pouch which i can put large bills into so I can keep $20 and less bills where you normally put bills. It's kinda hard to explain lol. yes, my wallet is ugly but my wallet is awesome. I've had it for 8 years now. I have no complaints. I wouldn't be surprised if i used the same wallet till the day I died and had it still working just as new. heck, if i ever had kids, i might as well pass it on down, it's that durable. That $5-$6 I spent on it was my best buy ever.
  13. I can't believe there are smaller wallets than the denaro. :wtf:

    Well, at least you can use the denaro for a smaller purse like a dolce or bambino. That is what I use mine for.
  14. I've seen the denaro's. They are a good size. A lot of wallet are huge like the long rectangular types. If it was any smaller, I don't know if you could really put much in it. Even CC's in it would get tricky.

    I might be the only one to think this but I think that having a qee attached to a wallet is a bit much. True it'd be easier to grab in a purse but, heh, I prefer my wallets without qees.
  15. haha I always thought mine was too small, since I can't really fit a whole ton into it~ :p