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  1. how come there's practically never any denaros in dept stores? i think i saw one in bloomies ONCE, and none in macys. do you think they just sell out faster? or they dont carry them because bags sell better?
  2. one Nordies i went to didn't get any portatelefonos or denaros in the amore... they just got the bags. So it could be a mixture of both?
  3. hmmm...The Nordstrom's at VF had about 8 Denaro's and 5 Portatelefonos.
  4. ah lucky... i saw one denaro and 2 portatelefonos today... but they all had sucky placement (not the characters i wanted :sad:)
  5. Its one of the cheapest tokis (people can afford that rather than a 180 bag), so they're gone pretty fast!
  6. i agree :biggrin: except the braceletto is cheaper than the denaro??
  7. Well to be honest ... if the SA hadn't brought them over to me I wouldn't have noticed them. They are sitting at a totally different counter at Nordstrom.

    Totally love the Denero I got but there are only TWO card slots :wtf: I had to do a MAJOR house cleaning of my wallet. Yikes.
  8. I hardly ever see denaros at Macy's but I see them all the time at Nordies but they're not located near the bags they're at the accessory counter.

    I always wonder why they don't carry more denaros and why they don't carry caramellas at all :confused1: . They're the cheapest toki items so you'd think they'd sell a lot better than a $184 zucca, you know?:shrugs: Retail makes no sense to me.
  9. OH I KNOW! i haven't seen a caramella at nordies before. but the SA said if they had anything other than bags it'd be at the accessories counter but she didn't know if they got it :shrugs: is that are split in 2 departments? handbags then accessories. I thought it was always the same but it sounded like they were different
  10. That's me. I'll prolly never own a Denaro because of that. I use an Angioletto as a wallet, so I could never downgrade to a Denaro, it just can't hold as much as I really need it to....
  11. At Valley Fair's Nordstrom they have another counter with the smaller bags and stuff (Bocce, Portotelefono, Bracialleto, Denaro, and then the one that goes around the waist). I've never seen a Caramella in stores...but I want it x_X; Nordstrom usually has a fair amount of Denaros when a print first comes in...otherwise they sell out pretty fast...although Adios Star took the longest. There was a Paradiso one once at Macy's but I was an idiot and didn't buy it and of course it was gone next time. I did get a Citta Rosa Denero with not so great placement in the sale section of Vallco's Macys (which claims to no longer carry tokidoki :sad:).
  12. yeah i would love to have a denaro but i wouldnt use it haha the two card slots might not fit my stuff lol
  13. wow it only has 2 slots :wtf: well I don't carry much cash anyways so I could always store cards there :graucho: I still need a new wallet and I want a denaro of some sort... I want an amore but the only one I saw I didn't like... I might wait until Macy's gets their shipment
  14. I have a coin purse and use the little pocket in the Denaro for more cards. I also have a cute little card thing I got from the Coach outlet for misc. cards (like safeway card, bevmo card, stamp cards etc.) I just keep my Debit card, Credit card, Insurance (health, car) and Drivers License in my Denaro. I have to admit though, if it wasn't Tokidoki I would never buy/use a Denaro...
  15. they had like, 4 portatelefonos at the bloomies near me. when i bought an OC bag from lesportsac i got a free zip pouch thingy - i guess the same size as a caramella, but with 3 separate zipper pockets on front. So i use that in my purse to carry all my extra cards, receipts, etc.

    good to know about the denaros being at the accesory counter at nordstroms! this way i wont be discouraged when i go there later, ill know exactly where to look!