Denaros? Macy's?

  1. I am dying to get a denaro or some sort of accessory. For some reason i haven't seen a denaro in macy's yet, atleast the one in Glendale Galleria. Can anyone that lives in the Los Angeles area please tell me which Macy's sells denaros? I just got a $50 gift card from my grandma and i want to buy one. :graucho:
  2. o.o; ive been to 3 macys in the last week and none had denaro bags (i live in Irvine though)
  3. None of the Macy's here in AZ carry Denaros but the Nordstrom in Chandler has Denaros in AS and Notte.

  4. denaros dont show up at macys wherever I go... one SA even asked me where I got mine since she's never seen them and she worked in the handbags at macys :sad:
  5. OH that sucks!
  6. I've never ever seen a denaro at a Macy's either. I'm pretty sure they don't carry them. Nordies carries them though.
  7. macys doesn't sell them, only portatelefono's. try Nordies or bloomies, they for sure carry denaros ;o)
  8. I found my paradiso denaro and inferno denaro last year at Macys... so some stores do carry them or used to anyways.
  9. i have seen them at macys before but i think they sell out pretty fast. i haven't seen any at the glendale macys. are you looking for a specific print?
  10. some Nordstrom always have them. south coast for sure!!
  11. My local Metropark has denaros, maybe try there?
  12. Really? Wow, I had no :idea:. I've never seen a denaro at macys. I've seen a bracialetto at Macy's before.
  13. The thing is if i can find a denaro in Macy's i can only pay $18 for it because of my $50 gift card. but since they don't... then bye bye denaro. OH wait! Did anyone see a denaro in the Macy's in Burbank? in Beverly Hills? in Arcadia? or in Pasadena? anyone? *prays to God* please i hope there is at least one store that has one.
  14. Does anyone know where you can get a denaro for less than retail (ex. loehmann's)?
  15. How about the outlets? Which print are you looking for?