Denaros -- does this bug anyone else?

  1. What do the following three Denaros have in common?

    They're the exact same on both sides! For some reason this drives me absolutely crazy! What I love about Tokidoki is all the different scenes that can be placed on it, and it drives me absolutely nuts when the back is almost the exact same placement!
  2. now that you mention it, I would be pretty bummed if the scenes were almost the same with how great the prints are! some things I don't mind symmetrical, but there are so many details and cute things to find on tokidoki prints that that is a little annoying :sad:
  3. I've read that some people like both sides to be the same, but if I ordered from and got such crap placement, I'd be so disappointed. :sad:
  4. I definitely wouldn't mind same placement on both sides if it were a scene or characters that was my favorite or I really liked... but if not, then I'd want variety.
  5. I do try to avoid that... but I recently got a Citta Denaro that was almost the same front & back because it was just too cute.
  6. Another thing I hate about denaros sometimes is that, if it's a big print, they'll like be made from the parts of the print that have like nothing going on at all. Like the clouds in Citta/CR, or just the random tree-tops in Foresta.
  7. Personally I don't want the same placement on both sides. Why are they doing that all of a sudden? It wasn't so common before ah? I :heart:'d my amore was different on both sides and got all the characters I wanted...too bad my mom wanted it and yeahh it went bye-bye.
  8. My dolce has exactly the same scene on both sides! I was pretty bummed out when I discovered that..
  9. It seems with Trasporto, LSS is striving for symmetry. I ordered 2 Denaros and both had the same print on both sides, and that was basically true also for the Dolce I just returned. Annoying. I hope they don't screw up Vacanze like that.
  10. I HATE that! I wonder who was the Einstein that thought of that strategy!
  11. A supercute Inferno Denaro just went up on eBay but no picture of the back. I emailed and asked; I'm hoping the seller won't reply with "I didn't take a picture because its the same as the front." *headdesk*
  12. I saw that, but don't you think it's overpriced? I love Inferno, but I don't want to robbed.
  13. Aw, it's got the watermelon devil on the front...! Cute!!
  14. i wouldn't want something with the smae placement on both sides, he just has too many characters i like and that is what makes it special, but i can also see how if it was your favorite character that you might want it on both sides.
  15. But it has Watermelon girl on the front... that's priceless :smile:)

    j/k. I'm 85% sure I won't take the bait. But if it has ipod girl on the back, GETS!