Denaros are so pricy on eBay :(

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  1. Sigh.. I found my perfect l'amore denaro. But it's almost $30 above retail on eBay. Most of the other denaros I find are about the same range. Why is this?!
  2. Because Denaros are mostly the first thing to go... It sucks but I might have to do the same thing for hubby not to kill me because of what I have been spending lately... :hrmm:... Oh and if people get their denaros on Nordstrom like me then it turns out to be almost $80 with taxes and shipping...
  3. yeah denaros sell out extremely quickly. And people KEEP them. sigh. ahha good luck though!
  4. Yup... I had been able to get my Foresta, Inferno, and Paradiso denaro's at discounts on e-Bay and SH. My Spiaggia denaro was at retail from Pulse. But my newest additions, the black OP and olive Camo denaro's, I got on e-Bay and paid above retail for both... *sigh* But I absolutely need matching denaro's. I paid roughly $80 for each of them.

    At our LeSportsac boutiques, the denaro's are sold out IMMEDIATELY. I had gone the DAY Spiaggia came out, and they said the denaro's were sold out in the matter of like an hour.
  5. That's exactly it!

    Specially with the L'Amore because it was only produced for the Department Stores, so you can't really find them discounted.

    People have to pay retail price, plus taxes, plus shipping, which comes out to $80!:nuts:

    So even if the seller marks it up $20-30, you can bet they're not really making any money after eBay Fees and Paypal Fees.

    They're probably just breaking even...Unless they were able to get a discounted price on it, but I doubt anyone can with the L'Amore print...
  6. well if it makes you feel any better the denaros here cost $83! :lol:
  7. GOOD LORD, C!:wtf:

    Where the heck do you live??
  8. Guam! lol ..thats our retail price!! Everything is jacked up sky high lol good example is a nuvola..for $222! :nuts:
  9. It's the same here in Hawaii!! I can't remember the exact price for a denaro, but it's in the $80+ category.
  10. Plus I'd say if you have good placement on it, you can mark up the price!!
  11. yeah even the carmella is 83 too! :nuts: :lol:
  12. Aw, okay I feel a bit better now. But I still can't bring myself to pay above retail! :sad:
  13. I'd pay over retail only if the bag/denaro was TOTALLY PERFECT for me. Other than that, it's OK I can wait. Plus, seriously I don't need much wallets. Hell, the wallet usually costs more than I even put in it. For me, alot of denaros is just not worth yeah I only have 2...Amore & Original Black.
  14. Actually, I contacted customer service today because I was thinking about buying several, hoping for a great print. They confirmed they only have 1 Amore Denaro in stock. - And they haven't been on the website for a while, so it must be a return... which may mean the pattern is blah.