Denaro's anyone?

  1. I really want a denaro. i first wanted to go with the inferno print, but I don't think thats going to happen.
    i want any denaro except the solid colors and the famiglia print.
    *sigh* the pickin's get smaller everyday
  2. uhhh youre not asking to buy here ah? you might just want to rephrase so it doesnt sound like youre trying to buy one from one of us so the mods dont get on you cuz you can't buy or sell on here.

    Anyways, for denaros nowadays besides the newest print I'd say go to eBay or LJ.
  3. the newest print makes me nervous because of a previous thread that says it can rub off. (the inside is yellow)
    i guess i'm picky because the ones on eBay are either reasonably priced but not a good print placement, or a decent print placement but noT reasonably priced. (at least what i can afford)

    (thanks for the edit info...i wasn't looking to buy on here, just curious as to where i can find stuff)
  4. also, what is the 'correct' front side of the denaro?
    or is it just preference?
  5. The leather on the left is the front side of the denaro...well I'm right handed so yeahh lolz.

    I've seen denaros on LJ go for like around $60...

    (yeah, i didnt think you wanted to buy here, but some mods are really strict about it and just dont want you to get into trouble even if it looks like you might be trying to buy lol - hope that makes sense)
  6. I appreciate that!

    yeah i'm left handed so i'm not sure how i'd go about it!

    thanks again :biggrin:
  7. hmm i wonder if youre left handed would you unzip your denaro with the leather part on the right????? Idk im right handed so the leather part is on the left when i unzip:p
  8. i bought my pirata denaro off eBay (and sold it :p), got a playground denaro off LJ (traded it) and obtained my L'Amore Denaro from LJ (through another trade).

    i missed a few auctions recently for a pirata and citta rosa that i am kicking myself for. sigh.
  9. I know there's a bunch of denaro's on Live Journal...
  10. i'm on a quest to get all the matching denaro for my bags. it's hard, because it's so pricey or the placment is bad. I thought that if i just get a black denaro, I would just be fine with it. Nope, i guess i'm not. I want everything to match...hahaha. I told my hubby for my birthday I want all the matching denaro's to my bag...he's reply "wow, you are rich" looks like my hubby needs some...:boxing:. It's only 6 wallet. that's not to much to ask...;)
  11. i want a inferno denaro too... :sad: but not the one on ebay... my prefect denaro would be one with a pizza oven on it :lol:
  12. djr0658- OFF TOPIC, but OMG, there are now three of us from the same city :biggrin: hahah.

    IDk, for some reason I don't feel the need to have a denaro for each print haha. I have like 10 bags and 2 denaros lolz...
  13. But then the change purse and everything would be upside down when you opened it, right? LOL

  14. :lol: no? just dont flip it upside down, still unzip from the top :biggrin:
  15. OK, it's early...not awake yet... LOL LOL